February 2021

White Lie (2019)

Written by: Anthony S. Parker

Pictures from the Production

Written and Directed by

Y. Lewis and C. Thomas


K. Rohl, A. Anderson and M. Donavon

Length: 94 minutes

Location: Ontario, Canada.

Distributed by LevelFilm

Synopsis: Popular undergrad Katie (K. Rohl) has become a literal poster child on her university campus. Recently diagnosed with cancer, she’s the focal point of an online funding campaign for herself. But, it’s all built on a lie: Katie isn’t sick and never has been.

Gutsy/ ignorant… Amicable/nauseating… Eye-catching/ eye gauging… what’s with the random words you may ask?!, and ask you may for those words are just a few I would use, to sum up, this little “Gem”; one bought to you by two brass Canucks straight out of Vancouver, CA,

So let’s kick on shall we

White Lie – not to be confused with the 2013 film ‘White Lies’, featuring Whirimako Black – just so happens to be the fourth take in a series of testing and daring films by co-writes Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas. one that saw them not only pick up the Rene Rodriguez critics award in Miami, but threaten the barriers between reality and drama to such an extent that the next ninety minutes of non-stop anxiety and head thumping is more than enough to unhinge even the coolest of characters.

It’s no Spice It Up (2018), let me tell you that.

Spice It Up for one, tells of a young woman (Jessica Hardy) at loggerheads with colleagues and professors alike, trying to finish her thesis project. White Lie tells us of a very different story, one of a woman who tries to exploit both the internet and a very real illness for personal gain. One filled with deception, deception of a grand proportion.

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