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Welcome to a very exciting part of Cut Frame Magazine.

Webinars – One-off webinars where we Talk to Industry Professionals from all four sections of the Entertainment Industry. Webinars Starting on Sunday the 19th of September 2021, we are going to be doing 4 webinars a week.
These webinars are more like Masterclasses from industry professionals from around the world

You will be able to book your space for which Webinar you would like to attend below.

The cost of the webinar will be $ 25.00. To download and keep add on $ 15.00.
If you buy the online version and you want the download it is $ 40.00 extra.
After the webinar, you will be able to buy and view via a Vimeo site there, will be
linked on this site one week after the live webinar.

With these webinars, we are going to find people in the industry to share their talent. Now, these are one-off masterclasses that sometimes will be a prelude to their own courses. This is not a certificate masterclass and will never say or promise any promotion to any higher education.

We want you to have access to more knowledge about the Industry. We want you to always be learning.
This is a paid Masterclass as this is more than a discussion and these Industry professionals deserve to be paid for their time.

Each Webinar will be streamed via a webinar link sent to you the morning of the webinar via the email you registered with. Then you will be able to view it at 6 pm GMT.

You will be able to buy the downloadable Video for $15.00 for you to keep. This is not to be shared or given to anyone and you will be required to sign a letter stating that. If you want to gift someone with a viewing link at $25.00 or the whole download it will be $40.00. Similar to the above pricing structure.

This is all due to all the work going into the webinar and you have the right to download the webinar masterclass.

These Classes will be paid via Eventbrite only. It is a simple process and you are covered by them and PayPal if you are wanting to dispute the transaction.

Our Next 20+ Webinars will Include

  • Acting,
  • Filmmaking,
  • TV and Film,
  • Theatre,
  • Music Industry,
  • Music in Film and TV,
  • Music in Theatre,
  • Producing,
  • Casting,
  • Directing in Film and TV,
  • Directing in Theatre,
  • Scriptwriting for Film,
  • Scriptwriting for TV,
  • Playwriting for Theatre,
  • Starting a Podcast,
  • Starting a YouTube Channel,
  • Social Media for Actors/Actresses,
  • Working on Set Film or TV,
  • Starting out in Photography for Film/TV,
  • Photography,
  • Working in a West End Theatre stage,
  • Working on a Broadway Theatre stage,

More Ideas to come…

We are planning all webinars this side of Christmas. from 19th September 2021 to 19th December 2021 with webinars on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6 pm GMT so everyone in the world can access the live class at a reasonable time.

Find our Calendar with all of our different Webinars on our Frontpage of www.cutframemag.com or via our Calendar Tab at the top of this page or even the sidebar to your right.


Online only via the live webinar or after via Vimeo.com – $ 25.00 an add on of $ 15.00 for the download after the event.

Online and Download via the live webinar or after via Vimeo.com – £ 40.00
and via the physical download sent to you via a dropbox link.

Please read our post above CutFrameMag

How to buy tickets. In each event will be a link to an Eventbrite individual event. We are working through Eventbrite and Paypal for the security of all transactions.

Please follow the link in the Eventbrite event to pay for your space at the event. You will then receive an email saying we have confirmed your payment from us on top of the confirmation from Eventbrite. Then on the day of the webinar, you will receive the link to the webinar. We do advise you to be ready about a max of 15 min before so we can let you in.

In the event of there being over 5000 people, we will be letting the first 5000 people who ordered their tickets in. Then sending you an email to let you know. But you will have first access to the recorded webinar where you can watch it via vimeo.com as soon as it is ready and before it is live for everyone else.

Please if you want to ask anything about any of these webinars please email us on webinarask@cutframemag.com

You will be registered with webinarregister@cutframemag.com (please do not use this email for any questions it is only for payments and your questions will be lost and unanswered)

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Cut Frame Magazine is an online magazine Highlighting the Entertainment Industry from the Perspective of Filmmakers, Actors, Musicians, and Industry Professionals

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