September 2020


Written by: Anthony S Parker

Pictures from IMDb

Director, Writer: Elcid Asaei


Roger Carvalho

(as Roger Piper/ the hooded Figure)

Stephen T Box

(as Jack/ interviewer)


A contemporary dystopian urban fantasy about a storied figure who abducts and trans figures corrupt mortals

Duration: 15 minutes 9 seconds

Location: London, United Kingdom

Featuring Roger Carvalho (the mason family massacre, escape from Brazil), Stephen T Box (Piranha) and directed by award winning producer, Elcid Asaei (Revolutionary roads),

UNSKIN is definitely something different to you average short film, for it offers up not only a different array of perspective angles but an tantalizing edge to boot. Tantalizing being the key, one tasked with no only roping but gripping it’s audience before the curtains even raise, one it did quite well.

Admittedly as tantalizing as it was, you can never undermine the hypnotic effect of which the silent dialogue of old still processes on today’s market, add that of tomorrow’s experimental structure and I’ll think you’ll find something quite magical.

Anyone who understands filming, will understand how not only does a bold and structured approach benefit in providing an edge, but it provides a mantle also for both the film and it’s actors to blend and feed off of together.

— To be continued in our September 2020 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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