Top 5# Fantasy Comics that Could be Great Series.

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Written by:  Vitoria Kriegler

If you recently become a fan of The Avengers, Justice League, or you prefer the heroes on your solo carrier like Batman, Wonder-Woman, Spider-Man, or Miss Marvel —

Or you are more of the anti-heroes like The Punisher or Harley Quinn.

But do you ever had read one of the comics? No? Only met them in their movies and series. It’s OK, you’re not alone.

Even those heroes have had a long time on the road, most of them are very old and have a lot of alternative universes, with so many variations to their stories.

(An example is Ghost-Spider — Where Gwen Stacy became the friend of the neighborhood and not Peter Parker. (But between us, my favourite is spider man aka Peter Parker.)

When it is not this, it is because the stories even in the same chronological line in the same universe, it’s simply too much longer, with so many adventures, that you probably know the story just by hearing the name, like Dragon Ball, Naruto or One Piece.

So this is your chance in starting to read a selection of entirely new comic. These Top 5 we are gonna show are fantasy comics for newbies, but with all the requests to become adaptations in the future.

(These mentioned comics are from independents authors and their art and work are provided for the sites with the function of spreading their work.)

— To be continued in our May 2020 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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