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Written by:  Anthony S Parker

Hello, let me be the first to say thank you for taking the time to check out our latest article, it has been my privilege and joy to be able to write for you, and up to now I hope you have enjoyed the many articles and reviews Cut Frame magazine has to offer.

Now to business, I know life at the moment ain’t easy, we all probably fed up, some of you would just like to get out and back to work. Unfortunately, that ain’t the case right now, but hopefully it won’t be to much longer. With that said, it had me thinking on what to write, and I thought why not do a piece on lesser publicized films, minor film as they say.

There are many good indie, minor film out there, not seen due to the lack of advertising and so forth. The BFI website for example is flooded with them, from experimental and shorts to documentaries, films the entire family can enjoy. The three I have selected may not have come from the BFI, but for me are three films I feel many people may have missed or just couldn’t find the time to watch – thus I present to you, Extra Time, Drunk Parents, and Best Laid Plans

Extra Time, Drunk Parents and Best Laid Plans are three films definitely worth your time for different reasons. Reason one; Damian Callinan’s performance as ex AFL rising star Troy Carrington. Reason two; the six days of mayhem Baldwin and Hayek go through in to ensure their daughter is ok. Reason three; a best laid plan not looking so well planned. Each film brings laughter, drama and thrilling finales. Their budget’s may vary, their hearts do not.

— To be continued in our May 2020 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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