January 2021

The Wild Garden (2020)

Written by: Andrew J. Parker

Pictures from The Production

It’s not unusual to see grey squirrels, pigeons, magpies, blue tits, bees, wasps among the wildlife to visit the family garden during the year in search of food, temporary shelter or just to play, but it’s not too often that someone would capture that and turn it into a short documentary of great joy.

Dean Sills (52) and his daughter Rebecca (22), an art student at Barnsley College, did just that during the Covid-19 lockdown as they filmed and produced the 5-minute wildlife documentary over a few days in June 2020 and has seen their work recognised in more ways than one could have expected, such as interviews on local TV and with BBC Radio Sheffield and Radio Leeds.

They have also received a positive response from various film festivals including those in New York and Los Angeles, winning an award for best poster art at the Los Angeles motion picture festival.

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The Wild Garden – YouTube

Dean Sills

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