April 2020

The Value Of Music

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Written by: M. Dallas Wright


Music is so often overlooked and insulted- its sickening to me really. I resent that the world’s general idea or stereotype about a Musician, about the Artist.

Their art and craft sometimes sneered upon and looked down upon as if we were all merely jesters or solely there for entertainment. I cannot do enough to urge the need for a swift shift away from that illogical way of thinking, not to mention ignorant.

At the end of the day, we live in a world (or a country) where music is mocked, laughed at, and even despised by some folks.

There’s nothing wrong with that,  everyone has entitled their own beliefs, but this is not a matter of beliefs, opinions, or even preference.

This is based on sheer science and exact measurements which have been observed, tested, and measured time and time again. Surely you may be puzzled by this and wondering how the two might be correlated; what does science have to do with beliefs and music?

Well, that science behind this is called Music Theory and the facts are that the physics of music and the measurement of its characteristic and properties point clear correspondence to every facet of life.


— To be continued in our April 2020 Issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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