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Written by: Casten Clausner

I just wanted to start by saying that this show is a must-view, the Amazon Prime show is filled with Romance, Action-Adventure, Science, Drama and Alternate history.

The way they make the story is just so amazing especially how you see the characters progress, and the choreography and the settings and the clothes and cars of the time they portray it’s just all relevant. You can tell the actors are into it just by the way they act in it.

The horror of living in Nazi America, The Man in the High Castle is about a 1963 Book that explains an alternate timeline that the Germans and Japanese won the war and so you got the eastern side of United States controlled by the Nazis and the west by the Japanese empire. It takes place around the early ’60s and the main protagonist is a young woman named Julianna Crain which it starts in San Francisco controlled by imperial japan, she’s played by Alexa Davalos and she’s dating a man who’s Jewish. Named Frank Frink (Rupert Evans) Which get killed by Kido.

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