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Written by: Anthony S Parker

Having initially intended to go review HOMELESS ASHES, a film by Marc Zammit which brings to life the impact of domestic abuse and life on the street. My plans were dramatically altered by unforeseen circumstances meaning the Everyman had to cancel their screening of the film, meaning I had to look elsewhere, which brings me to THE HUNT; unidentified as the subject accused of being liberal racism in a tweet by the US President.

Based on the 1924 short story “the most dangerous game”, also published under the name “the hounds of Zaroff”. The Hunt was originally scheduled to air last summer in the states, but following the shootings in Dayton and EL Paso, Universal Pictures decided to temporarily shelve the screening. Others disputed that the decision was really down to some negative responses in both the press and from the president (Donald Trump), a claim denied by those involved in its production but who really knows and honestly, who cares.

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