The Gentleman (2020)

Picture from IMDb

Written by: Anthony S Parker

Directed and written by a man (Guy Ritchie), known for films such as Snatch, Revolver and King Arthur, not forgetting the classic Sherlock Holmes franchise.

His latest little step into Britain’s underworld would premiere across the UK on new year’s day, and tends

to follow suit with some of its predecessors when comes to his strengths.

Like many of his films, it has an English theme to it and offers a lot of action packed moments and laughs whilst sucking you in with enthralling and delightful story plots leading to a strong finish.

Sure, it may not have had the largest budget in the world, but for what it lacked in financial backing ($22m), it made up in heart and is definitely one  worth recommending. Now anyone could recommend a film solely based on it being action packed, I mean if that was all it took to be a success we’d have a lot more classics then we do.

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