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Written by: Liam Donnelly

If you mention the word ‘Remake’ to a horror fan, more often than not you will view a sudden shudder in them and a scornful look in their eye.

The unfortunate truth is that for every horror remake that works, there’s at least three that fail, often times quite spectacularly. For every The Fly, there’s The Fog. It is often times a lot harder to create what can often times be quite a singular experience for filmmaking, trying to remake what is in a lot of cases a very beloved original, especially amongst horror devotees.

However, while it can be tricky to remake something right, there is a slight admiration to be held for those who try it. Though in most cases they don’t succeed, a lot of the time directors of horror remakes have good intentions to make a good film.

However, also when it comes to horror, the fans who see it are far more loyal to the original and will be able to pick apart the problems of the remakes far more easily and far more quickly. And thus we come to these films which, while some may have had the right idea, still ended up being torn to shreds and deemed failures.

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