Sundance (2020)

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Written by: Sebastian Anderson

What happens when a successful Hollywood actor of television, stage, and cinema gets bored and wants to give back to the community in a meaningful way? He starts as foundation that endeavors to maintain the original creative spirit that Hollywood was founded on. And Sundance Institute was founded in 1981.

That is fine and dandy, but what do a group of visually creative individuals do when they get together and create neat and new, sometimes, stunning creations that are not quite ready for the mainstream movie distribution system?

Remember, Hollywood was created by people who would make something then show their friends, and at some point in time, someone said, ‘I would pay a quarter to see that.’ And Boom and industry turning $7.8 billion in wages yearly.

Well, in the Institute’s case, there was an established supply chain for the production and dissemination of film. So what does Bill do? He creates his distribution chain independent of the mainstream media.

— To be continued in our February 2020 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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