Stranger Things (2016-)

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The emotional tightropes walked by ​Stranger Things

Spoilers for all 3 seasons of ​Stranger Things

Written by: Sam Gohra

Stranger Things​ is a series defined by its ability to build to crescendos of emotion, weaving nostalgia, humour and tragedy deftly together. In order to bounce so regularly from devastation to elation, showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer draw from a potent bag of tricks – and do so time and time again, risking but avoiding hazardous storytelling pitfalls.

In the opening episode of ​Stranger Things​ season 1, a child disappears. The small town of Hawkins ripples with questions and search parties. A mother in hysterics is placated by the Chief of Police, told that “99 out of 100 times, a kid goes missing, they’re with a parent correlative,” and a troop of children venture into the unknown to find their missing friend.

The pieces of a mystery slowly unfurl. A girl with a shaved head and supernatural abilities. A mysterious facility shrouded in secrets. An otherworldly presence lurking in the missing child’s home. These threads are picked up by a host of likable and authentic characters, frightened but determined children and jaded adults whose broiling pasts bleed through the seams of their personalities.

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