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Written by: Andrew J Parker

A renowned religious leader passes away, one family become tormented that the past may never truly leave them.

Based on the real life of Andrea Yates:

Puppy is a 16 minute psychological thriller inspired by true events and starring a small yet solid cast including Lindsay herself as Laura Dickinson, Hector Bateman-Harden as her son Reuben, Nick Cornwall as the religious cult leader, and Lydia Hourihan as number nine Directed by Marc Zammit (Homeless Ashes, Pandorica) and with Richard Oakes (Hosts, 24 Little Hours) as DOP.

The story follows the life of Laura and opens up with her in her 40’s talking to a podcast host (played by Katie Beudert) about the release of her new book which includes her time as number seven in the Disciples of Eden.

The film then heads to her and her son at home with inkling of how Laura is trying to move forward with her life only for everything to take a disturbing turn following news on the death of renowned religious cult leader Joseph Roth.

‘As an actor turned filmmaker myself I also wanted to show people what else I can offer creatively and since making Puppy

I have made another short film (Enter Nirvana) which is

currently in post production which I wrote and directed’

– Lindsay Bennett-Thompson

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