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New Monthly Membership…

New Members Only Site

We are building a Membership Only site on top of our Magazine.
In this members-only section of
you will be getting content all month long.
The content will be a source for the whole
Entertainment Industry.

Full of content where you will hear from people in the industry, 
as well as different workshops you will be able to join.
This is an evolving section, where we are wanting to be 
able to find out from you what you want and need from this
community website.

So put your name down and we will send a link to you to
sign up. 

Memberships will cost per month

Bronze – £ 5.00 

Coming Soon

Get your name on the list

Bronze Membership – £ 5.00 a month

You have access to the membership site and can join the Private Facebook group. You will have access to pdf content and the free magazine straight to your inbox when it is published, as well as selected pre-recorded content. With Webinars and pre-recorded workshops, they cost from £ 20.00 access each. It will be displayed how long you will have access to the content on each content. This monthly membership is here to help you on your journey in the Entertainment Industry.

Workshops – All four Sections of the Entertainment Industry, A extensive overview of the industry with tips and tricks, worksheets and small workbooks, something to add to your growing list of tools. So what we are going to be doing is building a workshop style training through PreRecorded 30 – 60 min videos with booklets and worksheets that explain how to work in the Industry. There will be different levels from beginners to advanced.

We are starting to build this and you will be able to pre-order the beginners’ Workshop in the article ”Workshops”

The cost of this workshop will be £ 200.00 for only online, and £ 400.00 for a Downloadable version.

Webinars – One-off webinars where we Talk to Industry Professionals from all four sections of the Entertainment Industry. Webinars Starting on Monday the 13th of September 2021, we are going to be doing 2 webinars a week.
These webinars are more like Masterclasses from industry professionals from around the world

You will be able to book your space for which Webinar you would like to attend via the article ”Webinars”

The cost of the webinar will be £ 50.00 for members and £ 70.00 for non-members. To download and keep £ 70.00 for members and £ 90.00 for non-members.

More Info coming soon about both soon.

These are the kinda ideas I have been looking at including and this is not limited to what I want to achieve with the membership site.

  • Share what you do to stay creative 
  • Share on the go recipes for when you are working  
  • Talk about health and fitness 
  • Round up on Instagram accounts to follow
  • Round up on Twitter accounts to follow
  • Actors makeup and accessories kit
  • Filmmakers kit 
  • Travel light kit 
  • Press junket kit 
  • Talk wardrobe essentials for location for an actor/musician 
  • Talk wardrobe essentials for location for an filmmaker 
  • Talk wardrobe essentials for location for a press tour 
  • Talk wardrobe essentials for location for a film festival 
  • Bucket list location sites 
  • Talk favorite snacks for on the road, location, at home 
  • Tour a studio 
  • Tour location sets 
  • Write something personal about why you became an Actor/Musician 
  • Share how you created your red-carpet look 
  • Share your skills 
  • Celebrity interview (like actors on actors) 
  • Talk your favorite apps for work 
  • Filmmakers must have film equipment 
  • Favorite podcast 
  • Favorite masterclass 
  • Favorite blog 
  • Times up/me too Share about why it is important. 
  • Must haves for the work space 
  • What to watch on netflex, appletv, Disney+, hallmark 
  • Self-care ideas how to let go of a role 
  • Self-care ideas how to let go of the day on location 
  • People new to follow on instagram and twitter 
  • Ted talks to watch 
  • Set up of the home 
  • Fitness routine 
  • Play list for the season, mood, activity 
  • How to spend alone time/ recharge 
  • Morning routine when working 
  • Evening routine when working 
  • Hair hacks to save time in the morning or after a workout 
  • Show how you get into a role on the day 
  • iPhone photography/filming tips 
  • Go pro film tips 
  • Product review 
  • What inspires you 
  • Your opinion on a current trend in Film/TV, Theatre and Music
  • How to be more organised 
  • How to create a budget for a production
  • How to make a movie with no budget (no money) 
  • Ways to organised a set 
  • Films that will change your life 
  • Beginners guide to photography 
  • Beginners guide to acting 
  • Beginners guide to filmmaking 
  • The guide to writing a book
  • The guide to writing a screenplay 
  • Resources for writers, photographers, filmmakers, actors 
  • Mental health in the industry 
  • Books to change your mindset 
  • Photography challenge 
  • Filmmaking challenge 
  • Reading challenge 
  • Self-care challenge 
  • Mental wellness challenge 
  • Photo of the challenge 
  • Mindfulness challenge 
  • Meditation challenge 
  • Write a play/screenplay/song challenge 
  • What to do during connecting flights 
  • What to do when you are on a long car journey 
  • Best food to eat when you are training for a role 

These are just an outline and a continuation of the magazine. We want to build a community and this is just one way we are wanting to do that. Of course, some articles you submit will go into the magazine, but we want to be able to add more space to showcase everyone.

With the magazine, I have had a hard time finding the best way to do more training in the articles so this will be a good way.

I will also be doing webinars and finding professionals to do training in short spats, I want it to be tasters to their own courses. A lot of times we want to get all information for free. But realising that we are all working on ourselves and are sharing our experiences and knowledge. I want to honour what people are doing and their own businesses.

So to say that your monthly fee to be a part of this community goes to the running of the magazine and membership site.

If you are a business and you want to add your Entertainment Industry business to our Business Directory. Check out all that that entails in the post here…

There is also Advertising for Entertainment Industry Businesses and you can find all the info here…

As well as submitting to the magazine and membership platform see our submission page here…

I hope to see you around in cyberspace.

Trish McMillan
Editor in chief of Cut Frame Magazine
Publisher at Lion Blue Publishing

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