September 2020

My Journey as an Artist

I’m an actor, a published writer on art, screenwriter and film producer,

Written By Laurence Fuller

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In the Art world I’ve worked at galleries, auction houses, as well as curated exhibitions, I’m a private collector and champion of major and emerging artists in my personal life and with my writing since I was young.

As for acting, I think about the amount of times that craft has saved my inner sanctity as a human being; I feel so grateful to have this as a part of my life.

The craft of act when done properly is a deep well, it’s personal poetry experienced within and expressed through the senses, the point of acting in itself is a sensual experience that is alive with the entirety of all a person is and can be.

The act of doing it for its own sake, as a kind of spiritual development, is rewarding enough, all the applause in the world, can’t compare to that alone.

I try to incorporate all the arts into my process preparing for a role, the visual, the physical, the auditory, it’s about synergy with all of life and the journey to one’s own paradise.I overcame trauma as a young boy, finding love for film and art and their creators.

My father, the notorious art critic Peter Fuller died in a car accident when I was three. The arts saved my life.

From a young age, I learned that art must come from life, not art about art.

The smallest moments in life are the greatest represented and remembered through the soul. One writes with every step a new chapter in the fortune, the legacy of each human life.

I believe that making art should be akin to act of love, whether it is love for a muse, the piece, or love for oneself, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.

My father, once talked about painting being like a skin between the internal and external world, he was talking about the work of the American Abstract painter Robert Natkin, but I think that the idea translates to all the arts.

And like the child has objects, toys, teddy bears which he/she transfers their emotional inner life to create their manifestations of the world they would want to see so too do we grow up as adults spiralling over the same behaviours with greater intensity, focus and realization.

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