February 2021


Written by: Anthony S. Parker

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23-year-old United superstar M. Rashford lets us into his family life, and into his campaign to tackle Child food poverty. The United forward reflects on an extraordinary year where he was able to improve the lives of millions of people – all.

He says, inspired by his mother.

2020 will definitely go down as one of the strangest years yet – not for protests, violence, governmental failures or even a global pandemic – but because a footballer made the front pages, the front pages for something positive.

Yup – positive, for we only usually read of them on the front for DUI,’s, affairs or punch ups; but that was before Young Marcus Rashford and his fight for free school meals.

The Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children documentary – Which initially aired December 21, 2020 (UK) – tells of a remarkable story stretching over three months.

One of incredible resilience and fight in the face of governmental ignorance, and one which concluded with a very public (and humiliating) U-turn by the man who rejected him twice, the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) – who rightfully came under huge criticism, both in-house and out.

We see some heart touching moments, none more so than from Rashford’s very own mother, Mel, who speaks openly and honestly about her struggles to provide for her children despite holding down three jobs.

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