Discovering a New Love “and the award for best drama is…Story of You “

Lauren McCann
Written by: Lauren McCann

The kids were in bed, I poured myself a glass of wine and I sat fixated on my computer for the virtual awards ceremony presented at this year’s SeriesFest – the “Sundance” of independent episodic television, it has been called. I did not win.

I was not expecting to… I was thrilled to be invited to the party! I am a stay at home mom of 2 (Emma 7, Alex 2) and a former kindergarten teacher with a PhD. My pilot Girl Boxer is my first attempt at writing and directing a project.

“This year with so many quality pilots and performances at SeriesFest,
the jury felt it
was important to recognize a certain filmmaker with a special jury prize
the “Voice to Watch”. This recipient showed a strong creative vision
and execution
uncommon in a first-time filmmaker. It’s a pleasure to present this
year’s Voice to Watch award to Lauren McCann for her pilot Girl Boxer. Congratulations!”

Wait … what? Did I hear that right? Messages started popping up on my phone, my manager gave me a call…. Yes, I was just named the Voice to Watch – How did this happen?!


As a young adult in Montreal, Canada, I was involved in acting classes and local theatre while pursuing my undergraduate degree in education.

My acting teachers at the time told me to go to NYC or LA, that Montreal was not going to cut it. Yet I am a person who finishes what she starts, so with only one year left at university, I wanted to finish and get that degree.

While many other local actors I knew took that jump and went to LA LA Land, I got my degree and decided to see some of the worlds before jumping into a full-time acting career. I grabbed a backpack and was ready to travel Europe on the rails for 3 months and I met my husband, an international student from Poland attending classes in the south of France.

I put those acting dreams aside. Over the next few years, we lived in 3 different countries (I worked as a teacher) and we travelled (I’ve milked yaks in Mongolia and travelled on buses with goats in Southern Morocco)

I completed my Master’s degree in Education, started my PhD and we then found ourselves moving to the United States, to Phoenix, with the prospect of moving to NYC. In Arizona, I gave birth to both our daughter and my PhD. When Emma was 3 months old, we moved to NYC.

Being foreigners in the US, our VISA situation did not allow me to work, so teaching was out of the question and with a baby, it was just best for me to stay home.

Wait, was my dream not to go to NYC and be an actor? Funny how the world took me to where I believed I should be.

Being the eternal student that I am, I went to acting classes, did off… off…off-Broadway shows, took roles in indie films and ….our Green Cards came in!

Now I could start looking at acting as a career and not a hobby. I got headshots and that same day managed to land myself a legit NYC agent, BMG. Not too long after, I was pregnant with our son.

During pregnancy, I continued to do small jobs and attend classes and I decided to see a consultant to determine my “type” as an actor. I am a mom, a kindergarten teacher, and was auditioning for such parts, but I was off… way off. The last role I took on was in a feature film called The Mantle where I played Lucifer!.

With this new focus and having Girl Boxer under my belt, I landed my amazing manager, Jane Henriksen, who has me auditioning now for shows such as Walking Dead, The Purge and Sirens. I am learning to hold absolute power and own my stillness as an actor.

— To be continued in our August 2020 Issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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