Interview with the Cast from the Web SERIES – SOCIAL MURDERER

Picture from Sangeetha

Written by: Sangeetha Gowda


Here is an interview, with some of the main cast from the series to answer some questions on the topic of “Social Murderer” and reflect on their time on-board the project.

MARSHALL/MADDEN Actor/Writer/Director

Who is Madden to you?

Madden is the symbol of someone struggling for affection but doesn’t know what good affection is.

He represents the inner child that was neglected at a young age now trying to get attention from others, I believe that is at the root of all his habits and issues.

Are you similar to your character/do you relate to them at all?

Yes and no, I feel like I was once more like Madden, trying to get admiration from everyone around me, in many ways Madden would probably be who I would be if i never matured in my early 20s so I find him relatable in the way I understand the wrong he’s taken to become the way he is.

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The Main Cast from the Series

Marshall Weishuai – playing MADDEN

Sangeetha Gowda – playing GRACE

Hannah Kim – playing CANDICE

Ivan Karezi – playing RUBY

Ashleigh Davidson – playing LUCEE

Bianca Jade Scott – playing ABBY

Lara Balog – playing TESSA

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