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Starring infamous very own version of Bonnie and Clyde, Joshua Caldwell probably didn’t know what to expect when he paired (former teen-choice award winner) Bella Thorne and (Netflix star) Jake Manley together.

It may not of been perfect, and there will definitely be those who criticize, but Caldwell surely couldn’t have been disappointed. Their style’s may have been conflicting, but his leading couple formed a somewhat connection capable of grabbing the audience, regardless of what they thought of the end product.

Unfortunately that may have been the problem, with the resulting outcome presenting a mixed message on social commentary.

In fact it’s take to online social media offered up quite a deranged obsession for frame. One consumed by follows, likes and approval from an array of strangers worldwide. For take the notion that the film may have grossed just over $429,000, it missed a trick or two come crime thrillers, heck drama for that matter, even if it did offer up a interesting hour and a half viewership, different to that of classics such as THELMA AND LOUISE, THE WILD BUNCH and DUSK TILL DAWN.

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