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‘In Bluebell Wood’

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‘In Bluebell Wood’


Written by: Laura Ellen Wilson


My name is Laura Ellen Wilson and I am an actress based in Lancashire, UK. I have been acting full time for 3 years and part-time for 2 years prior to that and I have shot feature films in Bulgaria, Romania, Washington (US), Alabama (US) and here in the UK.

As well as acting, I have worked with children since I was 14, starting out as an assistant instructor at my Kung Fu club and from there, at my local leisure centre organizing children’s birthday parties and running sports camps in the school holidays. When I was 19, I moved to Mexico to work in a 5* Hotel and Resort as head Dancer and as an assistant in the kid’s club. I continued to work in various countries and on cruise ships within the entertainment teams and in kids’ clubs until I returned back to England early 2017, to pursue acting full time.

Life has been a bit crazy since graduating from college as I have been trying to figure out exactly what it is that I wanted to spend my life doing. I knew it was going to be within the entertainment industry, but doing what, I just had no idea.

‘In Bluebell Wood’ first came about when I was cast as the leading role in a TV pilot, ‘Day One’ back in 2018 and I offered to take over the Supporting Artist casting. As the first part of the pilot is set in a school, all the SA’s were children.

Once on set, I built a fantastic rapport with both the children and their parents and we have all stayed in touch ever since.

Mid-2019, a few of parents mentioned that they wanted to have a showreel scene written and filmed for several of their children. I started writing and before I knew it, I had around 20 pages of script and it was a decent read too!

I explained to the parents that I will be keeping this one to see what I could do and that was the end of it.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our youngest cast members:

Sienna Williams, Mahli Perry, Abigail Thompson and Sophia-Grace Donnelly.


— To be continued in our May 2020 Issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —


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