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Written by: Andrew J Parker

Worldwide acknowledgment and praise, several awards and nominations, successful cinema release, Amazon Prime and VOD release, potential DVDs, and a book in the works surely places Homeless Ashes up there as one of the best indie films made in quite some years.

The work put in to the making of this film through such dedication and determination with actor/director Marc Zammit putting his faith in crowd funding to help bring this tale of torment, hardship, addiction, violence, redemption, kindness and strength among other things in life is definitely a thing for filmmakers to admire.

Taking on the lead role as Frankie (adult), Marc Zammit tells a tremendous story of a young 10-year old boy (Hector Bateman-Harden) who flees from a hellish home of domestic abuse only to discover a new world of horror on the streets.

It all begins with the young Frankie living under the roof of abusive father Stuart (Dean Maskell) and not only having to be around the abuse inflicted upon his mother Abbie (Angela Dixon), but only occasionally subjected to it himself before traumatic events unfold, resulting in the young child running away from home.

It’s not long before Frankie is left with the reality of having to survive on the streets and not only comes against new challenges but also acceptance in new friends Gavin (Jason Flemyng), who is a hot dog vendor at a funfair, and fellow rough-sleeper Chico (Lew Temple) whilst also being reunited with childhood friend Nicole (Jamey May).

The story tells a lot on how despite escaping an abusive situation, Frankie finds himself no better off as he now homeless and quickly haves to toughen up or die. It is definitely anything but easy and he is left in situations of theft, begging, assault, neglect and rape among the horror and misery of having to stomach the loneliness of the streets.

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