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Patagonia Films presents the epic ocean documentary Fishpeople – Six Lives Transformed by the Sea.

Director Keith Malloy is captain at the helm on this project and at the heart of its message is a visionary ode to the deep blue – A love letter to the moana, distinguished by the eyes and depicted through the vignettes of six prolific and soulfully grounded people whose spiritual essences are defined by their intimate and devoted connection with the sea.

What makes this piece so beautifully captivating is its cinematography and intertwining of aesthetically enchanting and raw shots with soothing and intriguing narration, making it incredibly easy viewing.

Any audience will find it tranquil to watch and learn the fathoms of deeper meaning gifted by Mother Earth – Mesmerised by footage of crystalline blue spectrums and piercing golden light chronicled from diverse locations across the globe, without sitting there after a long day and thinking “Ah man I gotta really focus on this one”.

Just sit back and relax in the dark, surrender to the roaring submerging plunge and witness the entrancing beams of radiance spear-heading through cerulean depths and unrelenting thundering walls of frothy green and whitewash to reach the pinnacle of peace yet sensory stimulation.

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