September 2020

EROTIC (2020)

Written by: Andrew J Parker

Pictures from IMDb

This month I decided to view an interesting film aptly titled Erotic – chapitre I: désir et sensualité,

A French erotic romance which has featured at several international festivals and taken awards in Turkey, for the best experimental movie at Kiarostami Film Festival (now Andromeda Film Festival) and in India at Tagore International Film Festival for the best experimental movie and for the best photography.

The film was written & directed by Alexandre David Lejuez; produced by Noctura Films; and stars a cast of two, that being Alexandre as ‘Adam’ and Eva Langley as ‘Angéle’, the young woman of Adams affection.

The story itself is detailed in the following words:

Angèle and Adam form a young ideal couple. A few years pass. One evening, they meet again. Strangers to each other,

can their love come back to life?

— To be continued in our September 2020 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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