So with @lionbluestudio, we have put up a simple directory so we are able to showcase the entertainment industry. Now, this is showcasing individuals and businesses. So like Production Companies, Casting Directors and Talent Agencies, Entertainment Industry Insurance Companies, Photographers who work in the Industry (head-shot Photographers and on set Photographers), Film Festivals and TV Festivals and many others. It is also showcasing Actors etc it is more showcasing the wider Industry. Really anyone in the Entertainment Industry.

This Directory Profile will showcase you in whatever part of the industry you are and everyone can see your different links that will direct them to the different sites you have for example websites, portfolios and other directory sites tailored to the different sectors. For example, if you are an Actor, Writer and Director you would need different platforms that showcase that sector.

The only criteria’s are, that you work in the industry and not just any person on this platform.

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