March 2021

Drunkenness (2021)

Written by: Andrew J. Parker

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Coming off the back of several shorts and the award-winning film Erotic (2020) which I wrote a review in Cut Frame last autumn, NOCTURA FILMS returns with another potential award-winning French film by Alexandre David Lejuez.

This time an experimental film of psychological horror supported by spectacular visual effects, sound and music to capture the story.

Already selected at film festivals in Slovakia, England and Turkey by the time of writing, Drunkenness has already received a positive opinion as it was named a finalist at the festival in Slovakia.

The film itself focuses around Dario (Lejuez), a man who wakes up from a night of abundant and reckless drinking to find himself clueless in the old family mansion he’s been inhabiting for many years with his two brothers, Mazzio (Dante) and Ramirez (Jeyson). Despite his will to sober up, Dario’s puzzled mind starts tricking him. His subconscious will eventually drag him into even deeper and darker existential places. Will he find a way out from this hallucinatory nightmare?

— To be continued in our March 2021 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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Drunkenness is set to head for video on demand after the festivals, following the path of Erotic (2020) which is available to watch on the UK Film Channel


Directed and Produced by

Alexandre David Lejuez


Dante Fournarel (Mazzio),

Nina Lavague (Bianca)

Alexandre David Lejuez (Dario),

Ismael Moderation (Gus),

Jeyson Moreno (Ramirez)

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