Child Actors, Child Parents

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Written by: Callum Chiplin

Mothers, Romans, Fathermen…

Before you foolishly muse the concept of or even consider callously launching your child into the supercilious wood chipper of The Industry, feeding them to the falsely “empowered” conceited vultures for a socially constructed price, or propelling them into the life-altering exploitive commercial abyss, perhaps listen to the truth – The Industry is no place for the spiritually enlightened, and certainly no place for a child.

In The Industry, it matters not if you are a child, teenager, or adult – You are a piece of money earning meat for whoever is atop the pyramid. The disgrace is only more “brightly lightened” when shone on the innocence of a child.

This piece is constructed not to offend, but to as always, tell the truth, share a message and to help others – To take offence is the choice of the recipient of the information, as there is no offence just the truth imparted by the conveyer of objectivity.

To specifically name “famous”, or non-famous child actors who were spiritually embezzled and utilized for evil means garbed in the promises of stardom would be a gross miscarriage of justice, and incredibly subjective.

No one can say what another has done but for their own words and not by the accounts of the media.

Nevertheless, even the objective cases are still no one’s business but for only the persons of “interest”.

The tragic binding of the subjective and objective cases is tied with a knot that reads,

“Forcing or allowing your child to be immersed in The Industry will affect them, or even ruin
their life. Their only life”.

It matters not the level of talent or strength of character the child may embody, as a child. It is the environment and individuals surrounding the child which will always overcome those qualities.

A child is a child, requiring essentially the loving care of a parent or guardian. Otherwise, a child would not be a child. The wolves in sheep’s clothing will manipulate and taper their words though their teeth to hide their forked tongues in order to achieve what they want and will do this by any means.

It happens with fully grown adults. It most certainly happens with children. Age does not discriminate a target in the cross-hares of a monetary hunter. Do not be naive, it is self-vanity and hubris which strangles the voice of logic.

If you are told by someone that your child looks a certain way or will do well for a brand or a franchise or a movie, it is business psychology. The Industry is One Big Business. Businesses thrive by making money. Your child is their way to do that. That is all.

No matter what we Breed we still are made of Greed. If you know all of this and are still choose to use your child for whatever it is you are seeking to fulfil, then you are lost and will never fill your empty chalice through the endangering of your offspring.


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