February 2021


Written by: Andrew J. Parker

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Whether a relationship is created through real-life or by text messages and online platforms, the familiar feeling of heartache when that relationship comes to an end is one of true emotion and the brilliantly written American short film ‘BROKEN BIRDS’ will not only tell such heartache but the bond of friendship and the beautiful awe-inspiring story of how women will always come together to support each other.

What’s more, the film clearly represents the power of women as a whole in the film industry; a story starring two talented women in Nicole Gonzalez (Lilah, The Deuce) and Natalie Blessing (Letters from My Father), and is written by Priscilla Selgas and directed by Angela Lambru.

Not exactly a bad idea to get across a very strong story.

It begins with Lita visibly upset before sending a text to a person identified as ‘Allan’ and questioning that he’s never going to let her get close to him, receiving a quick response saying he haves nothing to offer anyone. The scene alone pretty much lays the groundwork for everything to follow as Lita receives a call from Vern about still going out later …. this itself sets up the Moa Coffee (Astoria, NY) scene in which Vern delivers a few truth bombs.

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Director: Angela Lambru

Writer: Priscilla Selgas

Producer: Leo Selgas

Starring: Nicole Gonzalez (Lita) and Natalie Blessing (Vern)

*Extras* David Porfirio, Carla Costanzo, Jena Ko, and Priscilla Selgas as the waitress

Special thanks: Moa Coffee, Purotu Salon & Boutique

Broken Birds displays a bird’s-eye view on the heart-wrenching disappointments of online dating. Lita is devastated after an upsetting break up over the phone; she desperately tries to figure out what she did wrong and how she could’ve remedied the situation. Her best friend, Vern, delivers tough love and a real wake up call to mend Lita’s pain and distress.

Broken Birds – FilmFreeway

Broken Birds 2020 (2020) – IMDb

Instagram – Selgas (@selgas_productions)

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