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These prices are all on our media kit and we will be having promotions on all of these prices throughout the year. All special positions are on request and are subject to availability. Contact our Advertising Department email:

We look forward to working with you.

Our Website, Social Media and Magazine

Banners on the Website — £ 40.00 (per week)

Social Media shout outs — £ 15.00 (each)

Adverts on the website — £ 30.00 (per month)

Advertising Campaigns start from £ 500.00 (please contact us via

Magazine Advertising

Quarter of a page — £ 100.00

Half a page — £ 200.00

Full Page — £ 400.00

Double Page Spread — £ 800.00

1st Double Page Spread — £ 900.00

All paid via paypal if you need to pay another way and are having problems with payment contact us via

Editors Note:

We have tried to keep our costs down to be able to support the Entertainment Industry.
We were a free magazine and love that our magazine was a space where the
Industry can share their story around the world. But we would like to continue
sharing these stories and with these advertising cost we will be able to carry on.
and to keep our membership costs down so everyone can have access to our content.