About Us

We are so glad you’re here.

Cut Frame Magazine is an online magazine and website showcasing the perspectives 
of filmmakers, actors, crew, musicians and industry professionals
within the entertainment world.

Our aim is to showcase everyone in the industry from the newcomer and people
passionate about the industry to the seasoned professional. What we are really 
wanting is for people in the entertainment industry to share their thoughts in Articles 
that inspires people to pursue and be revivalist in the Industry. Our Articles are
not articles asking questions about the industry, the articles are the Artists
telling you about the industry they love.

Sharing from the inside out.
Our Reviews on movies, TV shows, theatre and music are from people who
love the industry and want to share their stories and thoughts.

We are starting to move towards a membership site with the free magazine grouped into two months
at a time. We are wanting to be able to be a source for the whole entertainment industry with content for
the members to learn from and be inspired, it is a vision we started with at the start.

The options are endless and we are and will continue to grow year on year.

We want this to be more than just a magazine that comes out every month. 

So Join this community and we hope you stay awhile and feel inspired by the Entertainment Community.


Cut Frame Magazine Team