A Journey to get my passion back!

Written by Bianca Jaldin

Bianca Jaldin. My name, my legacy; that’s the click.

What an adventure of life that I just purpose myself into. If you ever ask me how come I suddenly want to be part of the acting world, well in simple words: Freedom.

I never thought I would ever reach to the point of discover more things about myself that I never knew.

Every single day, is a new day to discover more passions and get myself a purpose of my love to freedom, which is Acting.

When I was 9 years old, I had the passion of making traditional Christmas shows in my grandparents’ house with my little sibling and my little cousins.

It contained a lot of dancing, acting, and singing.

I even went to piano classes when I was kid and I even turn out to be the best in my group class to the point to been asked to play in live television. However, that change everything while growing up.

— To be continued in our December 2020 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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