March 2021

90 Days To Leave (2020)

Written by: Andrew J. Parker

Pictures from The Production

Produced in India during the Covid lockdown and completed in the fall, this short film haves all the independent to prove a potentially explosive documentary telling the Asian expulsion from Uganda in 1972 at the hands of president Idi Amin Dada.

A Synergy Film put together by a young 17-year-old Indian award-winning filmmaker by the name of Tanmay Srivastava (his 14 documentaries including Black Water and The Bund) and narrated by Alain Azoulay.

90 days to Leave tells of how one hundred thousand Asians were expelled from Uganda by a dictator, the racial difficulty they would experience at the hands of the African population the temporary betrayal by the British government at such time of need and their search for new homes in not only Britain but the rest of the world.

Having arrived in Africa in the late 18th century during British rule to be used for labour such as building the East African railway, the Asian population which was mostly from the Indian subcontinent would go on to become a major part of the Uganda economy and landscape.

Now what could possibly go wrong

Apparently everything but still ….. such become their important in the country that no-one could have predicted the change about to happen when Uganda became an independent country in October 1962 and Dr Milton Obote became the first prime minister and later, the president after a coup.

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90 Days to Leave

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