20LEGEND – Tribute to a Legend

Pictures from The Production

Written by: Anthony S Parker

Producer: Parker Brothers

Associates: Andrei Knowles and Tessa Andersson

Synopsis: A Experi-doc short film based on Ole  Solskjaer and his player career at Manchester United.

Length: 20 minutes 57 seconds

Produced by the award-winning duo, the Parker Brothers, 20Legend craftily tells the story of Ole’s arrival at United from Molde and the scoring prowess he bought with him. A story filled with superb strikes, memorable moments and unforgettable quotes, least of all, the moment one flick of a leg put the ball in the back of the Germans net.

It wasn’t all happy moments though, we are reminded of the media’s attempts to get him out of Old Trafford following the arrival of Dwight Yorke, a devastating three-year spell on the side-lines, and the subsequence’s that follows such injury.

There’s brilliantly assembled goal footage which not only helps highlight his ability to be in the right place at the right time but also his pace, power, skill and overall awareness of the happens around him. One that not many players would possess, which was fitting as not that many possessed the footballing mindset of the young Norwegian, one which set him aside as one of the world’s true legitimate athletes.

— To be continued in our April 2021 issue of Cut Frame Magazine. —

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Following a private screening, March 5th

20LEGEND would premiere at the Virgin Spring Cinefest on March 13, 2021.

Winning Best Documentary (Silver Awards)

20LEGEND – Tribute to a Legend


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