September 28, 2020

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Child Actors, Child Parents

Written by: Callum Chiplin Mothers, Romans, Fathermen… Before you foolishly muse the concept of or even consider callously launching your child into the supercilious wood chipper of The Industry, feeding them to the falsely “empowered” conceited vultures for a socially constructed price, or propelling them into the life-altering exploitive commercial abyss, perhaps listen to the …

A genuine conversation with Actor/ Filmmaker MICHAELA ZANNOU

– Women in Film – A genuine conversation with Actor/ FilmmakerMICHAELA ZANNOU   Recently we had the pleasure of talking with this incredible woman and very talentedActress, Writer and Filmmaker,MICHAELA ZANNOU. Originally from Athens, Greece, with a rich background in theatre and a huge passion forstorytelling, Michaela made the big, bold move to NYC 6 …